ITEC Medical

The ITEC-medical device

ITEC Medical offers a unique, new, simple, safe, fast and standardized treatment for a very common injury: the tennis elbow.

A tennis elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis is one of the most common work related disorders at this moment. The prevalence of a Lateral Epicondylitis in the general population exceeds 1% per year. Already for the EU, this would imply that over 5 million people suffer yearly from a tennis elbow.

ITEC Medical has invented and developed a unique apparatus, the ITEC-medical device, which can be operated by a standardized procedure with minimal risk. With the ITEC-medical device the specialist treats the exact site of the injured tennis elbow by a manual perforation and injection of the tendon by a small, specially designed, set of disposable needles, the ITEC-injection disposable.



The production of the needle disposable unit (ITEC-id) has been partly made possible by funding of the European Union.