Treatment without surgery

The treatments of golfer's- or tennis elbow are much the same. Firstly, it is advisable to avoid activities that could cause the complaints directly, such as brushing and polishing, painting and ironing, as much as possible. Furthermore, there are various possibilities for treatment. The orthopedic surgeon will discuss with you what is the best solution for you.

  • Do nothing
    Endure the pain and hope for a speedy recovery. It takes at least six months.
  • Physiotherapy
    The physiotherapist treats tennis or golfer's elbow usually with ultrasound and with local massage on the painful muscle attachment, known as "deep transverse frictions". Often stretching exercises are given for the shortened stretching and bending muscles.
  • Braces and bandages
    Frequently used by patients braces (bandages) on sale through sporting goods stores or prescribed by the doctor. The most common is a bandage around the forearm muscles that due to the external pressure on the muscle belly decrease the muscle tension and thus reduce the painful tightening. To this effect, the bandage should be applied tightly. These braces provide part of the pain relief, but have no effect on the cure.
  • Injections
    Manually executed injections of corticosteroid, the body's own blood, hyaluronic acid, dextrose or alternatives and often without ultrasound guidance. Up to the present no standard procedure has been developed for this kind of injections.
  • Percutaneous release
    The degenerate tendon is perforated several times with a needle, and also here often manually performed without ultrasound guidance, not a standard procedure.
  • ITEC Medical method
    Percutaneous puncture (outpatient surgery). The most effective method to treat your tennis elbow. Our treatment method is a patented device, with which your doctor may inject very controlled into the tendon. The injection takes only a few seconds. In this treatment, the skin is firstly locally anesthetised. Subsequently, with the help of an automatic injection system 12 holes are pricked accurately and simultaneously in the affected tendon and it is injected with your own blood, which has previously been taken from the other arm. In certain cases, the attending physician will choose an injection with Dextrose instead of blood. Dextrose is a substance which is known that it can cure an intractable tendinitis in a number of cases. After the treatment you may have a mushy feeling in the elbow for a few days . You should be aware that in the first week after treatment you may have more symptoms to treat than before. Eventually about 70% of people with a tennis elbow recover after this treatment. Complete recovery will take at least eight to 16 weeks. The elbow may be fully taxed, heavy work is not recommended for 1 week. This treatment is outpatient and you do do not need to fast. Then you get an appointment with the nurse specialist eight weeks and four months after treatment.

The doctor will determine which of these techniques will be applied to you.