ITEC Medical offers the most effective method to treat your tennis elbow. Our treatment method is a patented device, with which your doctor may inject very controlled into the tendon. The injection takes only a few seconds. The skin is a anesthetised locally, so you feel almost nothing of the treatment.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Facts and figures

1What causes it and what are the symptoms?
A tennis elbow is created by a combination of overload and degeneration of the tendon located on the outside of the elbow. This may arise work-related but also through sports. The injury usually occurs in the dominant arm in the age group 35-55 years and is just as prevalent among men as women. In particular, the lifting the hand and tightly gripping objects causes pain.
2How often does a tennis elbow occur?
Tennis elbow is the most common orthopaedic injury. As many as 2 percent of the population are affected and this means that in the Netherlands alone each year more than 300,000 people suffer from tennis elbow.
3What is the economic impact of this condition?
While many doctors consider tennis elbow as a simple disease, it can be a long nuisance for the patient in their daily work. Especially in professions that work with their hands, this ailment can lead to long-term sickness leave.
4How long will it last if you do nothing?
Tennis elbow is an injury that gives rise to long complaints. On average, people may have six months to a year of suffering if they do not get treatment for the ailment.


1What are the treatment options?
The ITEC method of treatment has been around for several years and is highly effective. Other treatment options are:
  • physiotherapy
  • a brace on the forearm to alleviate the pain
  • manual injection
  • surgery, in cases of severe prolonged symptoms
The ITEC treatment method has been proven to be effective, while the efficacy of the other possibilities is often not clear. (Note: surgery is effective but is rarely performed)
2Why the ITEC treatment method?
With the ITEC method of treatment, the doctor injects precisely into the affected tendon. By each patient the depth of the tendon is measured and a liquid is injected at exactly this depth. It is scientifically proven that this method of injecting is much better than the manual injection, which doctors used to do earlier.
3What are the results?
Studies show that the ITEC treatment is safe, it is better than manual injection, and gives good results with regard to rapid healing of tennis elbow.
4What are the risks?
Since this is a rapid injection under sterile conditions, the risk of complications is extremely small. Your doctor will assess whether you qualify for the ITEC treatment method.


1Where can I go for treatment with the ITEC method?
On our locations page, you can find at which hospitals currently you can be treated with the ITEC method.
2How quickly will I notice the results?
A few weeks after the injection you will notice a reduction in your symptoms, the average injury recovers after two months.
3Do I give the arm a rest or continue to use correctly?
We advise to not use the arm excessively for several weeks after the injection. You should consult with your doctor on this point.


1What does treatment cost?
The treatment is covered by health insurance, but you must take into account your own risk.